Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spotlight on Membership - DeGorter, Inc.

DeGorter, Inc. logoCelebrating their 90th year of operation, DeGorter, Inc. has been instrumental in the development and growth of many glass businesses. As one of the oldest companies operating in the North American glass industry, DeGorter is able to use a vast base of knowledge and experience to bring solutions that are not only effective but also ensure the value of their clients' glass products.

The growth and success of DeGorter did not come without the help of many. A key relationship DeGorter finds invaluable is with the National Glass Association. The NGA has been involved in the success of DeGorter by being able to assist in securing important resources and information. "The resources of the NGA have been instrumental to the success of DeGorter" stated Dan DeGorter, President of Sales at DeGorter. As a contributing member to the NGA since its inception, DeGorter has found the NGA helps in numerous ways: from discounted freight rates through FedEx and trucking companies, to detailed reports regarding various sections of the glass industry in order to determine which segments are providing the largest growth opportunities.

Left to right: Kelly Dyer, Steve Uveges, Peter DeGorter, Pete DeGorter, Dan DeGorter and Eddie Steinman

When founded in 1922 by Daniel DeGorter, DeGorter was one of the largest importers of flat glass into the United States. In 1969, with the help of Daniel's son, John, the business shifted from glass supply to the supply of glass processing machinery and commodities for processing glass. Their goal was to become a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to process glass. This was when DeGorter started their strategic partnership with Schiatti Angelo SRL, one of the premier glass processing equipment manufacturers and where DeGorter continues to operate today. With over 50 years of experience, Schiatti Angelo has manufactured more than 15,000 machines globally - many in the North American glass market. Schiatti Angelo machines are known for four distinct features: simplicity, durability, reliability and quality. DeGorter is the sole representative for Schiatti Angelo in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. In addition to the relationship with Schiatti Angelo, DeGorter represents many other quality glass processing equipment suppliers: Triulzi Glass Processing Equipment, Scholz Autoclaves and Pujol Autoclaveless laminating. DeGorter not only provides machinery by one of the top manufacturers, but they take the time to find suppliers that manufacture the highest quality products for processing glass.

Today DeGorter, Inc. is run by the late John DeGorter's sons, Dan and Peter DeGorter, and they were happy to have a fourth generation of DeGorters (Pete DeGorter, John's grandson) join the team several years ago. This family business strives to develop mutual relationships with customers large and small. This type of devotion to the client has helped their customers succeed. "By developing excellent productions solutions with professional integrity, we develop successful business relationships through mutual trust and respect," noted Peter DeGorter, President of Operations at DeGorter.

If you have not already done so, please contact the friendly staff at DeGorter to see how their products and services can benefit your operation. After all — the success of DeGorter is directly correlated to the success of their clients, and with 90 years in operation, their record speaks for itself.

Here is what others have to say about DeGorter, Inc.:

"DeGorter has been one of our most reliable and dependable overseas suppliers of machinery and spare parts for over 20 years. Their products are of a very high quality, as a result, the products we offer our customers are of the highest quality." Von White – Director, Caribbean Glass Company LTD.

"I have had the pleasure of doing business with the DeGorter's for decades. Their staff is knowledgeable and attentive to our every need. They offer high quality products and stand behind their suppliers with excellent after-sale support for both their machines and commodities. " Jon Witkin, Owner Western States Glass Products.

"John DeGorter Inc. has been an integral part of our company for over forty years. They understand clearly what our mission in the market place is." Steve Bouchard, President of Glass Distributors Inc.

"I have had the privilege of knowing the DeGorter Family for 35 years. During this time, Galaxy® has purchased several pieces of equipment among the companies that they represent, including washing, edging, drilling and laminating equipment. They have earned my business, respect and friendship over the long term." Eugene Negrin – President/Owner, Galaxy Glass & Stone®.

"I have been dealing with the folks at DeGorter for almost 15 years, now. They're always very helpful, polite, and eager to please. The success of my business is due, in part, to their unwavering support throughout the years. They actually understand that customer service is the most important part of doing business! Thank you for your support!!" Paul Bourne – Partner, Rocky Mountain Custom Glass, Inc.