Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Grow Your Business in 2011 with American Equipment Finance

Are you trying to buy new & used machinery, computers & software, or trucks? Are you trying to finance items you need to grow your company in 2011?  If so, the NGA and American Equipment Finance can help.

AEF provides instant access to capital for businesses - both large and small seeking to acquire assets necessary to expand and grow – and offers application-only financing of $150,000. They will meet your vendor’s deposit terms starting at 65% in advance.

If your company has been in business for 2 years and your FICO credit scores are 675 or higher, contact Len Baccaro at 800-785-3060 ext 202 to discuss your financing needs.

Apply today and include your NGA membership number on the application to take advantage of the $300 discount on the processing fee (regular price is $450.00).

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Power of Validation

Have you ever experienced something similar to this?
  • Customer: I need a windshield for my car.
  • Representative: Well, what kind of vehicle do you have?
  • Translation: Maybe, then again maybe not!
Now ask yourself…What does that response feel like? Let’s try another way:
  • Customer: I need a windshield for my car.
  • Representative: Yes, we can do that for you! What type of car do you have?
  • Translation: Good, check this off my to-do list!
What does that response feel like? This is the power of validation! You have just shifted the customer’s perception! So often when, as customers, we make a request the response is a question that leaves us feeling that the person on the other end does not care about us or our situation. Validation shifts that attitude and offers a response of “Yes!” to our request. By validating we begin to take ownership of the customer’s situation and start the process of building a relationship and earning their business.

Validating the customer is statement of your intention to listen and solve for their problem providing them with a direct statement that says “Yes I can” or “Yes I will”. To be successful, use of this skill requires true appreciation for your customer and shows your commitment to their success. This skill takes place throughout your entire interaction, letting the customer know along the way you have heard them and your intent is to align yourself and product with the proper solution to their problem.

Using validation statements also serves the purpose of slowing the conversation down in a manner that allows you to begin to ask relevant questions. It says “I hear you and I will lead through solving your problem” proving that you are always working with the best interest of the customer in mind and to maintain an element of integrity as to your intent.

Examples of Validating Statements:
  • “I can help you with that!” 
  • “Yes, I can do that for you.” 
  • “I will be happy to get you pricing on new tires.” 
  • “That’s a great point.”
Put validating to the test today! Listen to the people around you and respond with a validating statement “I can help you with that!” You will immediately begin to see the Power of Validation as they react to your willingness to help them through the process of solving their problem.

Michelle Jones, ContactPoint Solutions
ContactPoint NGA WDDA

Monday, November 15, 2010

Money Saving Trick: Identity Theft Services and Prescription Drug Cards

It's that wonderful time of year where we all try to put the final touches on our 2011 budgets while continuing to manage costs for 2010.  As you continue to plan for the coming year, keep Creative Solutions Group and their Company & Employee Benefits Program in mind. This program is designed to deliver cost-saving services to NGA and WDDA member companies and compelling benefits that can be passed to employees.
In addition to its Working Advantage, Drive America, and Core Health Insurance, Creative Solutions Group  is now offering two new services for NGA and WDDA members.
  1. Free Prescription Drug Card: This program is helping millions of Americans save money on their prescription drugs. All you have to do is download your Free Prescription Drug Card and receive discounts of up to 85% at more than 58,000 national and regional pharmacies.This card is ready to be used immediately. Visit for more information or to sign up today.
  2. Identity Theft Services: Receive a special rate on the 24/7 Resolution and Proactive Services. Resolution Coverage includes coverage up to $25,000 for lost wages, filing fees, etc. and one on one fraud specialist from start to finish. Services for medical, military, children, divorce, estate, travel, relocation, disaster and more. Full Family Coverage for one year is just $29.95. Get 2 year coverage for just $39.95. For more information call 1-877-848-7333 or to register visit
A complete list of Creative Solutions Group services can be found on the NGA website and WDDA website.

Monday, November 8, 2010

2011 Glass Management Institute

Successful glass industry executives know the value of good training and a network of industry contacts.  The NGA is committed to offering that value through the industry’s leading professional development program: the Glass Management Institute. There is no better training for a successful career in the glazing industry.

GMI’s class of 2011 kicks off in January with training specific to the glazing industry - topics that make or break your day-to-day operations: Bidding and Estimating, Project Management, Sales and Marketing, Financial Management, Legal Issues, and Strategic Planning.  Professionals will receive world-class instruction led by some of the leading experts and brightest minds in the U.S. glass industry.

Here’s what some of our recent graduates have to say about GMI:
  • “The NGA’s Glass Management Institute gave me the opportunity to explore the industry’s toughest problems through the eyes of experienced leaders.”    Kristin Miller, Tab Glass and Window
  • “GMI helped improve my understanding of the industry sector.  I will recommend others at my company become involved.”    Neil O’Donnell, GTS.
  • “As someone young and relatively new to the industry, it is very helpful to have not only have peers but seasoned professionals at my fingertips as a resource as I develop my skills. GMI’s online format is helpful for posing questions, offering insight and providing opportunity for exploration of topics not covered in class.”    Patrick Barlow, Contractor.
For more information or to register, visit or contact me at 703-442-4890 ext 182 or

We look forward to serving you.

Matt Rumbaugh
Senior Manager, Education and Training

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Make your Voice Heard on Tax Credits

The 2010 election is now behind us. Now that we've all had the opportunity to vote for representation, we need to make sure that we continue to be aware of issues that will impact the glass and window and door industries.
It's easy to only pay attention to politics in November.  After we vote we move on with our lives and forget that decisions are being made every day - decisions on issues such as lead paint and tax credits. The NGA and WDDA are continuing to work on behalf of the industry, but we need your help to be successful.
Last week WDDA leadership met with members of Sens. Bingaman (D-N.M.) and Snowe's (R-Maine) staff to discuss the inclusion of homeowner tax credits in the upcoming tax bill.  You can read about the WDDA meeting at Window & Door: WDDA Pushes for Tax Credit Extension.
The WDDA needs the support of the industry to make a difference on this issue.  As of 2:00 this afternoon, 74% of you were reporting that the expiration of energy efficient tax credits could translate into layoffs at your company.  Whether or not your company would be one of those facing layoffs, you need to make your voice heard.
Read the WDDA's call to action and email or mail a a letter to the Ways & Means Committee members who are  shaping the bill.  Let them know how this legislation will impact your business.
Sr. Manager, Association Services

Monday, November 1, 2010

Money Saving Trick: Past Due Accounts

I would like to stress the importance of taking a close look at your past-due accounts these last couple months of the year so that you can get paid before your customers spend the money they owe you on holiday shopping for their families and holiday bonuses for their employees and before they are faced with the resulting credit card bills in December and January.

I speak to business owners and CFOs every day in all different industries, of all different sizes, and at all different levels of the supply chain and I am consistently hearing that it's never been harder to get paid than it is now. Receivables are coming in slower than ever and as credit lines have been cut off, companies need every dollar to maintain their operations and are having difficulty paying their suppliers. Consumers have lost jobs, lost money in the stock market, had their homes devalued, etc and are taking longer to pay the businesses they owe money to as well.

So, whether you provide goods and services to businesses or to consumers, if you're not already feeling the pinch, you will shortly.

Transworld Systems is here to help. Getting paid has become a competition of sorts and using GreenFlag Accelerator and Profit Recovery early gives you the competitive edge you need. It prioritizes your bills to the top of the pile so that as soon as your debtors have some money, they will pay you ahead of whomever else they owe money to.

You are not the only company that your customer owes money to. At this time of year the other companies that you are competing against are ramping up their own collection efforts. And make no mistake; it is a competition. If there isn’t enough money to pay every bill it becomes a game of musical chairs. Don’t let your bill be the one caught standing when the music (and the money) stops.

Brian A. White
Senior Cash Flow Consultant
Transworld Systems NGA WDDA