Monday, November 15, 2010

Money Saving Trick: Identity Theft Services and Prescription Drug Cards

It's that wonderful time of year where we all try to put the final touches on our 2011 budgets while continuing to manage costs for 2010.  As you continue to plan for the coming year, keep Creative Solutions Group and their Company & Employee Benefits Program in mind. This program is designed to deliver cost-saving services to NGA and WDDA member companies and compelling benefits that can be passed to employees.
In addition to its Working Advantage, Drive America, and Core Health Insurance, Creative Solutions Group  is now offering two new services for NGA and WDDA members.
  1. Free Prescription Drug Card: This program is helping millions of Americans save money on their prescription drugs. All you have to do is download your Free Prescription Drug Card and receive discounts of up to 85% at more than 58,000 national and regional pharmacies.This card is ready to be used immediately. Visit for more information or to sign up today.
  2. Identity Theft Services: Receive a special rate on the 24/7 Resolution and Proactive Services. Resolution Coverage includes coverage up to $25,000 for lost wages, filing fees, etc. and one on one fraud specialist from start to finish. Services for medical, military, children, divorce, estate, travel, relocation, disaster and more. Full Family Coverage for one year is just $29.95. Get 2 year coverage for just $39.95. For more information call 1-877-848-7333 or to register visit
A complete list of Creative Solutions Group services can be found on the NGA website and WDDA website.

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