Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The First Key To Highly Effective Selling

Attitude Is Everything. One of the principles to a successful customer interaction is to build a relationship/rapport with the client or customer.

“It’s not so much what you say, but how you say it that counts.”
          – American Psychological Association – Research Report
Believe it or not, what you are feeling inside is often unconsciously revealed on the outside through the tone of your voice. Try this exercise: Think about something that makes you unhappy. Okay, now that you are thoroughly in a bad mood say out loud “How can I help you?” Notice the tone and the energy of your voice. Is it welcoming and inviting? Now let’s try it another way. Think of something that makes you VERY happy and repeat the same phrase. Notice the huge difference in sound and energy? Especially over the phone, the tone of your voice is the biggest indicator to the person listening. Learning to reflect a positive attitude; is the mindset of a “closer”. When your tone is friendly and reassuring, it is hard to think negatively about the experience. You begin with the intent to close this sale and provide the service necessary to make it happen.
An effective way to ensure a positive tone is to actually smile while you are talking. Make a smile come through the phone or smile while you speak. Don’t only wear that smile but speak in a way that the person listening can “see” your smile. Always consider the alternative perspective. If you were the one listening, would this sound pleasant? Would YOU want to interact with YOU?
Another way to facilitate a positive attitude over the phone is to make sure you are well prepared. If you are flustered and disorganized, this will not help your quest to provide the customer with optimum service. Also, maintain good flow in the conversation and avoid speaking over the customer. Make notes before your call to stay organized and do any additional research before picking up the phone. This level of control conveys confidence in your ability to serve them.
These same principles apply for face-to-face interactions. You don’t have to be a good actor to provide excellent customer service. Find reasons for motivation every day. Set goals for yourself and maintain a positive attitude. But most of all, believe it! You can do this, even if you hear no’s. Don’t be afraid to dream big and go after what you want. With an upbeat attitude and finding happiness in what you do, your tone will become naturally positive. Although you may not be able to prepare for an impromptu presentation, do your homework. Make sure that you know the ins and outs of the product you are selling. Practice presenting and don’t be shy.
The last key in face-to-face presentation is not to lie. Many sales people make the mistake of being a “know-it-all” and they feel like fluffy white lies make them look better when in reality, it is hurting their cause. Customers can usually spot a stretch of the truth and that diminishes the salesperson’s ability to the gain trust of the customer. It will also affect your tone. Be confident in owning what you know and then tell the customer that you will do everything you can to find the answers if you don’t have all the facts up front.
FACT: 86% of all communication interpreted over the phone is based on tone of voice. Only 14% is based on the words we choose. Tone conveys our confidence level and communicates how we feel and what we believe.
The ability to express a pleasant tone over the phone and in person is directly related to the attitude we have going into a call. Be prepared, organized and confident.

ContactPoint Solutions NGA WDDA

Monday, July 25, 2011

Personal Training and Development

As I travel around the country during the last several years and talk to glass and glazing subcontractors as well as many other types of businesses one of the biggest challenges I see is getting skilled and experienced employees in both office and field positions.  When the building construction economy was strong this need was especially urgent.  It’s predictable, it will happen again!

In that regard, make sure you have the following implemented within your company:

  • Orientation and Basic Training for New Employees
  • Advanced Training for Veteran Employees
  • Establish Employee Specific Action Plans for Training
It’s a proven fact, training results in continuous improvement for the company and for your employees.  The most successful companies focus on employee development.

Richard Voreis Consulting Collaborative

Friday, July 22, 2011

News & Links for July

  1. Victory! EPA will not impose the lead clearance rule.
  2. Network with your peers and the who’s who of the glass industry at the 2011 Glazing Executives Forum.  
  3. Excitement is building for GlassBuild America, and with our hotels filling up, now is the time to get on board!
  4. Network and Learn at the Window & Door Dealers Forum September 13 in Atlanta. Join or renew your WDDA membership and attend the forum for free!
  5. Core Health Insurance (NGA/WDDA) provides limited medical indemnity plans which are designed and priced to help people gain access or save money on healthcare. Core Health Insurance provides coverage for your everyday healthcare needs.
  6. The NGA and WDDA serve all aspects of the glass and window and door industries - and for businesses of all sizes.  Find the program that is the right fit for you and get started today.
  7. NGA and WDDA members can save 20% on terminals or set up fees with Electronic Data Payment Systems in the month of July! Contact them at 866-578-9740.
  8. FMI provides an online compensation benchmarking tool to NGA members. Compensation Interactive is an online database with accurate up-to-date compensation data for general and specialty contractors. 
  9. Windshield removal and replacement instructions for the 2010 Porsche Panamera, 2011 Honda Element, and the 2011 Nissan Titan.
  10. Glass in the making: A behind-the-scenes look at decorative glass fabrication processes
  11. Don't let past due accounts go on vacation.
  12. We are the only provider of InstallationMasters training online. Visit to get started today!
  13. An Industry Veteran Shares His Thoughts on LinkedIn and More.
  14. Check The Talk every week for insight into the window and door industry.
  15. Welcome new NGA members and new WDDA members
What news did you think was most important in July? Share it in the comments!  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Online Compensation Benchmarking for NGA Members

The National Glass Association has partnered with FMI to provide an online compensation benchmarking tool to members. Compensation Interactive is an online database with accurate up-to-date compensation data for general and specialty contractors. 

By using the tool, company executives can benchmark compensation information by employee level, job title, geographic region, revenue level, and more. Participating companies can use the tool to enter their own data and benchmark against other firms in the industry.

“Knowledge is power and we’re thrilled to extend this opportunity to our membership so that they can use this information to better their businesses,” noted David Walker, Vice President of Association Services. “We’ve worked with FMI in the past to support the Glazing Executives Forum and the Glass Management Institute and can say with confidence that their work is top-notch.”

FMI is the largest provider of management consulting and investment banking to the engineering and construction industry. To learn more about the tool and see a sample report, visit Be sure to mention that you are an NGA member.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Don't Let Past Due Accounts Go On Vacation

We're now into July, and many people are wrapping up loose ends and starting to think about their summer vacations. In the US, over 65% of the work force takes some vacation time between Independence Day and Labor Day. Vacations are fun. Vacations are escape. Vacations are rejuvenation. Vacations are also expensive. Everyone has been pooling their funds because they know that Disney will suck the money out like a vacuum.

Everyone spends way too much money, but they don’t stress about it. They tell themselves “Hey, I’m on vacation”. They don’t give the money spent a second thought. They don’t worry about it. Vacations are no worries. All worries are left at home. They’ll worry about those things when they get back . . . . . maybe.

Things like your past due bill.

The vacation mantra is “Eat, drink and be merry”.  The problem is that your debtors are going to be eating, drinking and causing merriment with the money that they owe you.   You’ve worked too long and too hard to stand idly by while your debtors spend your money (money that should be in your pocket NOT theirs) on $7.00 hot dogs, overpriced tacky doodads and novelty hats and t-shirts that are worn only once.

You need that money so you can buy all that stuff.  Think about your own schedule and your own office. During the summer, don't you find it more difficult to connect with others due to their vacation schedules?

Now is the time to be proactive about your collection efforts. Don't chase your slow paying accounts all summer long. You know the excuses - `We promised to take the kids to Disney' or `The person who signs the checks won't be back until next week`, etc. Take a long look at your aging report and do something now to get those accounts paid. Catch them before they head out and you fund a week or two of someone else's fun, rest and relaxation. Catch them when they have that big pool of vacation money.

It’s a win-win situation. You get your money back so you can better enjoy your own family vacation.  And you give your debtors one less thing to worry about when they get back from their trip. 

Brian A. White
Senior Cash Flow Consultant
Transworld Systems NGA WDDA

Friday, July 15, 2011

Victory! EPA Not Imposing Lead Clearance Rule

How about some great news to wrap up the work week?
The EPA just announced that they will not impose the lead clearance rule the WDDA has been fighting for several months. The WDDA made this battle a top priority and organized industry leaders to attend a White House meeting with OIRA officials in order to present the industry case against the regulation.  We increased our influence with follow-up meetings, calls to action, and the submission of compelling data and anecdotal information.
In the end, we prevailed. This is a major victory for the WDDA, our sister associations, and the window and door dealer industry.  We have all worked tirelessly to stop this onerous and unnecessary regulation. 

Congratulations and thanks for your support for this policy initiative. Thanks also to the professionals at the EPA and the Administration who supported our industry with this decision.   Please visit for more information. 

David Walker
Vice President

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Focus on Quality

Focusing on quality means:
  • Quality People
  • Quality Products and Services
  • Quality Project Management
  • Quality Training
  • Quality Top Priorities of the Company
  • Quality Employee Action Plans
In any of these quality criteria, when you improve quality you will also improve results and ultimately improve the overall performance of your company.
Are you satisfied with the quality of your people, services, project management, employee training, annual company top priorities and the quality of the employee Action Plans that support the company top priorities?
If not, get back to me and I’ll tell you how to upgrade your quality.

Richard Voreis Consulting Collaborative

Monday, July 11, 2011

Serving All Industry Segments

At the NGA and WDDA, we serve all aspects of the glass and window & door industries.  Right now, we have programs targeting all of you:
  • Architects Forum
    Combining educational programs, candid interaction, and professional networking, the Forum will offer fresh perspectives on how design, collaboration, and leading technologies interact with the glass industry. I urge you to attend this groundbreaking event.  Please review the online brochure and make plans to gather with your peers.  Register today!
  • Auto Glass Certification
    NGA members pay just $69.00 to take a certification exam online. NGA members who register groups of 10 or more pay only $59.00 per exam.   If you register any of your technicians for the Auto Glass Technician, Master Auto Glass Technician, or Auto Glass Repair exams July 11-31, 2011, you will register to win a free certification exam. 
  • Auto Glass Week
    Auto Glass Week™ 2011 is right around the corner this upcoming September 15-17, 2011 at the Memphis Cook Convention Center and Memphis Marriott Downtown. If you haven't already registered to attend, you need to register now.
  • Glazing Executives Forum
    The Glazing Executives Forum is based on the fact that we’re more effective together than we are apart. Most of the critical issues in the glass and glazing industry are ones we all face, and together, we can find solutions. Whatever happens in your business – issues with suppliers, employees, or the economy – someone else is going through it and can help you. View the agenda and register today. We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta on September 12.
  • Window & Door Dealers Forum
    When you attend this year's Window & Door Dealers Forum, September 13 in conjunction with GlassBuild America in Atlanta, you will have the opportunity to network with and learn from others in the industry.  The 2nd Annual Forum features speakers on two of the most critical issues facing dealers: risk and opportunities for growth.
    View the agenda for more information and register today.
  • is designed for Architectural/Flat Glass, Auto Glass, and Window and Door companies as an affordable resource for improving worker skills, enhancing workplace safety, achieving professional certification, and complying with training requirementsGet your employees trained by the best in the industry.
Let us know if you have any questions about our programs - or  We look forward to serving you.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Free Marketing Webinar for NGA Members

To thank our members, we invite you to attend the NGA’s Maximize Your Internet Marketing Efforts webinar for free!   
Think you don’t need to advertise on the Internet? Think again. Most consumers choose the Web as the first place they look when seeking out new services, yet most businesses neglect this crucial marketing channel.  Frank Reed of LocalBasix will join us July 13 at 2 pm EST to share the best ways to maximize your efforts on the web and draw business into your shop.  LocalBasix consults with small and medium businesses to help them learn, understand, and navigate the quickly changing world of internet marketing.
For more information, call 703/442-4890 ext 182. 
LocalBasix consults with small and medium businesses to help them learn, understand, and navigate the quickly changing world of Internet Marketing. LocalBasix is prepared to train and empower your business by giving you insights into search marketing, social media, blogging, mobile and more.
Each engagement is customized to meet you at your level. The goal? To make sure that valuable marketing resources are being used to help your particular business the most.
NGA members get 10% off of the hourly consulting rate. As a member, you will pay just $135.00 per hour!