Monday, July 25, 2011

Personal Training and Development

As I travel around the country during the last several years and talk to glass and glazing subcontractors as well as many other types of businesses one of the biggest challenges I see is getting skilled and experienced employees in both office and field positions.  When the building construction economy was strong this need was especially urgent.  It’s predictable, it will happen again!

In that regard, make sure you have the following implemented within your company:

  • Orientation and Basic Training for New Employees
  • Advanced Training for Veteran Employees
  • Establish Employee Specific Action Plans for Training
It’s a proven fact, training results in continuous improvement for the company and for your employees.  The most successful companies focus on employee development.

Richard Voreis Consulting Collaborative


Anonymous said...

Interesting commentary. I agree that keeping employees up to date in terms of training, company progress (or even lack of it)is an important ingredient in the company's success.

Please keep the blogs coming.


Richard Voreis said...

Most glass and glazing subcontractors cannot afford to have a Training Department or even a full time person in charge of employee training. Nevertheless, there are answers that are very viable. So, stay tuned to my blog.


Richard Voreis

TipsNTricks said...

Training options in the industry include online programs like,, and Glass Management Institute - they are more cost effective than having your own trainers on staff.