Friday, July 15, 2011

Victory! EPA Not Imposing Lead Clearance Rule

How about some great news to wrap up the work week?
The EPA just announced that they will not impose the lead clearance rule the WDDA has been fighting for several months. The WDDA made this battle a top priority and organized industry leaders to attend a White House meeting with OIRA officials in order to present the industry case against the regulation.  We increased our influence with follow-up meetings, calls to action, and the submission of compelling data and anecdotal information.
In the end, we prevailed. This is a major victory for the WDDA, our sister associations, and the window and door dealer industry.  We have all worked tirelessly to stop this onerous and unnecessary regulation. 

Congratulations and thanks for your support for this policy initiative. Thanks also to the professionals at the EPA and the Administration who supported our industry with this decision.   Please visit for more information. 

David Walker
Vice President

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