Monday, November 22, 2010

The Power of Validation

Have you ever experienced something similar to this?
  • Customer: I need a windshield for my car.
  • Representative: Well, what kind of vehicle do you have?
  • Translation: Maybe, then again maybe not!
Now ask yourself…What does that response feel like? Let’s try another way:
  • Customer: I need a windshield for my car.
  • Representative: Yes, we can do that for you! What type of car do you have?
  • Translation: Good, check this off my to-do list!
What does that response feel like? This is the power of validation! You have just shifted the customer’s perception! So often when, as customers, we make a request the response is a question that leaves us feeling that the person on the other end does not care about us or our situation. Validation shifts that attitude and offers a response of “Yes!” to our request. By validating we begin to take ownership of the customer’s situation and start the process of building a relationship and earning their business.

Validating the customer is statement of your intention to listen and solve for their problem providing them with a direct statement that says “Yes I can” or “Yes I will”. To be successful, use of this skill requires true appreciation for your customer and shows your commitment to their success. This skill takes place throughout your entire interaction, letting the customer know along the way you have heard them and your intent is to align yourself and product with the proper solution to their problem.

Using validation statements also serves the purpose of slowing the conversation down in a manner that allows you to begin to ask relevant questions. It says “I hear you and I will lead through solving your problem” proving that you are always working with the best interest of the customer in mind and to maintain an element of integrity as to your intent.

Examples of Validating Statements:
  • “I can help you with that!” 
  • “Yes, I can do that for you.” 
  • “I will be happy to get you pricing on new tires.” 
  • “That’s a great point.”
Put validating to the test today! Listen to the people around you and respond with a validating statement “I can help you with that!” You will immediately begin to see the Power of Validation as they react to your willingness to help them through the process of solving their problem.

Michelle Jones, ContactPoint Solutions
ContactPoint NGA WDDA

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