Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good Old-Fashioned Networking

In this day and age, we communicate with people everyday online.  With email, face-to-face interaction is getting to be rare even in the workplace.  I know that I will often email a question to a colleague instead of picking up a phone or (heaven forbid) walking down the hallway and actually talking to them.  In this dog-eat-dog marketplace, we are all trying to get work done quickly and efficiently – at the expense of interacting with our coworkers, customers, and industry peers. Whether we’re emailing or using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, we are talking to people around the country with the touch of a button.  We tweet, message, and email all day long - expanding our networks further than ever before -  but are we building lasting relationships?

Good old-fashioned networking is still an asset to your business and your career.  Building a network of people you can call to discuss issues with, or ask for advice, is crucial to success in any industry, and the hard part is knowing where to go to meet your industry peers.

GlassBuild America: The Glass, Window, and Door Expo is the gathering place for the entire glass, window and door industries in North America. This expo, being held September 14-16, 2010 in Las Vegas, offers opportunities on and off the tradeshow floor, including receptions and educational seminars.  This year’s tradeshow will also feature the 5th Annual Glazing Executives Forum and the 1st Annual Window and Door Dealers Forum. If you are a company owner, executive, or project manager, these forums offer invaluable networking opportunities.  Come to GlassBuild to connect with your industry peers in a way you can’t through a computer screen.

We’ll see you in Vegas!

Alyssa Kirkman
Sr. Manager

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