Monday, November 21, 2011

Bad Customer Service: The Silent Killer

We have a new eBook available for free on It's called Bad Customer Service: The Silent Killer. It does, basically, three things:

First, the eBook argues that customer service should be re-enthroned in the modern business. Customer service is king. It is the one thing you can control in your business. You can't change your location, your brand, your products or your business plan (at least not overnight). You can control customer control it. Bad customer service is like a silent plague sweeping across businesses and employees across America. It will kill you, if you're not careful.

Second, Bad Customer Service: The Silent Killer will point out specific problems you may be having with customer service at your business. What are you doing wrong? What are the symptoms of bad customer service? How can you spot the minor problems before they consume your success and kill your company?

Third, this eBook will examine ways to fix customer service right now. It talks about management strategies for top-down customer service improvement. It discusses ways to deal with angry customers and steps for frontline employees to improve their customer service right now.

This eBook is designed to be your resource for improving customer service. So, download it (for free), share it, enjoy it. But most of all, learn from it. Use the tools found in the ebook and improve your customer service now!

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