Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Product to Optimize Marketing and Sales Performance

ContactPoint, a member service for both the NGA and WDDA, is announcing the immediate availability of the beta version of their groundbreaking new product, LogMyCalls. LogMyCalls is the solution for any glass and window & door business that want to measure and optimize the effectiveness of their marketing and improve their sales performance. 
LogMyCalls also records incoming customer phone calls and allows users to search them, group them and even score them. This can be used to gather real-time customer feedback and dramatically improve sales and customer service performance. LogMyCalls provides insight into the whole process—from advertising to closed sale. You spend a lot of money on marketing to get the phone to ring—make sure every call is being handled effectively.
So, whether you’re a big business that needs sophisticated marketing analytics tools and call recording, a medium sized business that wants to set up an IVR or geo-route calls to the nearest location, or a smaller business that simply wants to know if you wasted money with that latest marketing effort and improve your ability to sell—LogMyCalls is for you. (And it’s much cheaper than you think).  
Visit to sign up or call 866-811-8880.

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