Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Free Training for Veterans

We are excited to announce a new program for our members: with support from the Coalition to Support America's heroes, we are now offering free online training on to U.S. Military veterans!
I am excited to help members pay for training in this difficult economic climate, and I am even more enthusiastic about assisting our nation's veterans. Education and training is the main tenant of the NGA’s mission, and we are proud to train veterans for a career in our industry.
This free training will help bring glass industry training to veterans as they reenter the workforce. NGA and WDDA member companies can apply for auto glass, flat glass, or window and door training. was designed for glass industry companies as an affordable resource for improving worker skills, enhancing workplace safety, achieving professional certification, and complying with training requirements. is the glass industry's single-source online training program containing world-class courseware created by leading experts throughout the industry. The 150+ courses include standards and regulations, best practices, product design and selection, performance requirements, and more.

Free training will be available to the first 100 veterans who apply. They must be employed full-time with a WDDA or NGA member.

David Walker
VP of Association Services

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Karl Freund said...

Fantastic program. Thank you from all the Vets at Icon Auto Glass!