Monday, July 19, 2010

Going the Extra Mile

There are many opportunities that are brought before me in regards to customer service and sales. Because I work with companies all across North America developing their sales culture, I am keenly aware of potential opportunities when they are missed.

My most recent experience in regards to salesmanship is a more personal level, but something that I am sure that we have all felt in some way or another. My wife and I were looking for a replacement vehicle for her, and we wanted to make the decision the right one.

We called many different places in search for the right vehicle. We went to the physical locations to drive them and ask questions. Never did we once feel that the sales person was taking the “consultative” approach in determining our needs, desires, wants, and reasons for the purchase. They were being order takers – not much different from the person behind the fast food restaurant drive through order speaker.

We arrived home after a frustrating experience, and I said to my wife that I wanted someone to more or less take the expert approach, find out what we needed and wanted, and make a strong recommendation! I did not want to have to dig for all of the info. I wanted to be taken care of, and the pressure relived.

We MUST remember that as we work with our customers, they want to be taken care of; they do not always know what they want. That is why they are talking to you! Take the time to find out what the true needs are, and make a powerful recommendation. Your customers with thank you for it – they will even come back again!

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