Monday, July 26, 2010

The NGA Serves the Auto Glass Industry

The NGA continuously serves the glass and window and door industries.  GlassBuild America in September, including the Glazing Executives Forum and the Window & Door Dealers Forum, serves the glazing and window and door portion of the industry.  But those are not the only segments of the industry that the NGA supports.

We continue to serve the Auto Glass industry in many ways, including:
  • A top-notch certification program, under the leadership of committee chairman Jeff Olive of GlassPro.
  • The industry’s most comprehensive training program on
  • The widely read For Technicians Only e-bulletin, covering the latest installation tips and techniques. 
  • Our support of a unified auto glass conference slated for the Fall of 2011, in conjunction with the Independent Glass Association, Key Communications, and other like-minded organizations.
  • Continuous representation with AGRSS.
  • Expansion of our menu of value-added services.  Look for an exciting new offering very soon.
The NGA always has been – and always will be – a friend, ally and supporter of the auto glass dealer. We fully intend to continue our important role in the industry.

Thanks for standing with us. Let’s keep working together to ensure a brighter future.

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