Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Creating an Attitude of Constant Improvement

Earlier this week I asked how you could create an attitude of constant improvement within your own organization. Here are 6 steps you can take:
  1. Record the interaction between your customer and your staff. Hand held recorders are available for purchase at most retail stores.  These devices will enable your staff to easily record their customer interaction and provide an audio file to management for use in measuring the customer experience and the result of their actions.

  2. Create criteria.  Based upon the results, create criteria for expectations in each call.  Consider the actions that take place in a successful call, the relationship between the employee and the customer and the image your company wishes to represent.

  3. A common formula is:
    • Create a Connection
    • Question, Listen and Build a Relationship
    • Build the value of your product and company
    • Commit the customer to the next step

  4. Clearly communicate the expectation.  Set clear expectations with all employees and ensure each understands why the criteria are important, how to perform the skills and believe their actions directly affect the outcome of the call.

  5. Measurement and Accountability.  Continue to record calls and measure the results using your determined criteria.  Using live calls enables you to identify personal strengths and weakness, your customer’s needs and the ability to work with each employee as an individual.

  6. Feedback and Goal Setting.  Use the recorded calls and criteria to provide feedback to each individual employee.  Feedback is best received in a safe and organized setting.  Feedback is specific, focuses on the result and allows the employee to set personal goals for improvement.

  7. Continue to measure and grow.  Hold each member of your organization accountable to the goals that are set during feedback.  Allow each session to be the catalyst that builds a team of people who are dedicated to constant improvement.
Michelle Jones
ContactPoint NGA WDDA

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