Monday, December 13, 2010

Leadership is the Key to a Successful Organization

I’m a big fan of Fast Company magazine and this month’s issue has a terrific article about Willow Creek Church. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a large church outside Chicago where approximately 23,000 people gather each Sunday. The article describes their annual Leadership Summit, where they bring in big names from business, government, and media to discuss leadership strategies and management practices. I’ve actually attended this event a couple times and it’s outstanding.

Why am I telling you this? Because the driving idea behind Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit – that leadership is the key difference between successful organizations and non-successful organizations – is true in the glass industry as well. Which brings us to the Glass Management Institute.

Simply put, if you want your organization to be successful, you have to develop strong leaders. And there is no better vehicle in the industry for developing leaders than GMI. In the course of six months, we’ll teach your rising leaders about Bidding and Estimating, Sales and Marketing, Project Management, and all the things they need to learn to run a top-notch glass company. Beyond standard business training, this course is by the industry and for the industry as we draw on talents from leading companies such as Trainor Glass, Vitro America, W&W Glass, and CBO Glass to provide instruction.

The course kicks off on January 18, 2011. Don’t miss this tremendous opportunity. If you or your key people want to register, visit our website and do so today. If you have any questions, contact Matt Rumbaugh at or 703-4422-4890, ext. 182.
Matt Rumbaugh
Senior Manager, Education and Training

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