Monday, December 20, 2010

Resolve to Succeed

It is the time of year most of us begin to think about New Year Resolutions or goals for the next year. We all know that goal setting is the most effective and powerful way to achieve what we want, this is true of things large and small – including optimizing effectiveness on the telephone.
When working with customers, it is important that we each strive for continuous improvement. Putting that attitude into motion requires a commitment to change. Setting appropriate goals sets the stage for the commitment and is a driving force for improvement.
When setting goals, you must know what is important for you to accomplish. Then you must set specific and clearly stated goals. If you do not have clearly stated goals, your effort will lack direction and focus.
  1. Get Specific. Set goals that are specific. Instead of “I will do better”, direct the Sales Rep to set a goal of what will be better. “I will ask questions to determine the real need of my customer.” By setting a specific goal you create a measurement for improvement.
  2. Use Powerful Words. When setting a goal use words that are powerful and drive success: I will, I am going to, I commit to. Avoid words that allow failure: I will try, I could, maybe I should
  3. Develop a Strategy for Improvement. Once the goal is stated, ask for a strategy or action plan. This step prepares the Sales Rep to immediately put their goal into action.
Start the New Year with a commitment to begin the process of goal setting. Measure the improvement of each member of your staff and begin to celebrate their success!
Michelle Jones
Solutions NGA WDDA

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