Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Outbound Sales Courses!

The NGA, WDDA, and Contactpoint have launched 4 new Customer Service Courses on! These new audio courses cover Outbound Sales techniques, including what it takes to create value in every outbound call, how to get people talking, how to build a relationship while gathering information, asking for the business and creating a warm lead, and more. These courses complement the 5 courses launched by Contactpoint in 2009.
The complete collection of 11 customer services courses is available on for $110.00 per person. If you purchase these courses by April 15, 2011, you will pay just $77.00 for all Customer Service courses or just $28.00 for Outbound Sales courses. NGA Members who add these courses to an active subscription pay just $25.00.*
To get started, visit to create an account. Click here to buy these exciting new Customer Service courses brought to you by ConactPoint.
For a description of the services ContactPoint offers NGA and WDDA members, visit,, or call 866-468-0900 to speak with a consultant.

*$25.00 includes all 11 Customer Service courses. If you have an active account with an active Customer Service bundle, these courses have already been added to your account at no additional cost to you. They will be available until your bundle expires.

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