Monday, March 7, 2011

NGA Local Chapters and Dual Membership

It is more important than ever for companies in the glass industry to be unified and work toward what is the best interest of the industry and our customers, employees and stakeholders.   We want to ensure that glass companies receive the best representation and information available - and that you receive the best of both local and national membership: training, seminars, networking, conventions, and much more.
The NGA provides the very best industry education, as well as promotes quality workmanship, ethics, and safety in the architectural glass industry.   If your company is a member of one of the NGA's Affiliated State Chapters, you qualify for discounts on NGA products, including education, training, and certification. You can be a member of a chapter without being a member of the NGA.  Find your local chapter and become involved today.
If your company has dual membership, you qualify for all NGA membership benefits, including discounts on shipping, office supplies, health insurance, and consulting services.  By joining the NGA, you will be listed in the NGA Membership Directory and on and gain access to NGA Cost-Cutting Member Services, including discounts on shipping, insurance, bankcard processing, and consulting.

What are you waiting for?

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