Monday, October 31, 2011

Establish specific Action Plans

With respect to Action Plans, generalities don’t get the job done. Here are some examples of poor Action Plans because they are too general.
  • Increase sales doesn’t say how to make it happen and literally when revenues are increased by $1.00 the Action Plan has been accomplished. 
  • Finish projects on schedule is expected. Instead establish Action Plans that will make it happen.
  • Improve the project management process does not say how it will happen and there is no understanding of what will be done.
  • Contribute to improved teamwork does not say how to do it or what is to be accomplished.
  • Contribute to improved internal communications does not say how it will be accomplished.
Action Plans need to be specific and concise and generalities don’t contribute to the success of the company.

There is always the tendency to establish too many Action Plans and that leads to problems. Make sure you and your employees avoid piling on and focus only on important and meaningful Action Plans.   Follow an absolute rule of not establishing more than one page of Action Plans.  

Remember, you and your employees can always establish more Action Plans when the original list is finished.

Richard Voreis Consulting Collaborative

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