Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Money Saving Trick: Clipping Coupons

I admit it: I'm a coupon clipper. Every Sunday morning, I grab the paper and the first section I go to is the coupons.  I just need to know what I can save money on this week.  Some weeks there are no coupons for the things I buy...and $100s worth of coupons for items I'll never need. Other weeks, I end up saving on the stuff I buy anyway. 

I try to apply this at work when I can.  Just this week we were finishing up our new Auto Glass Manual (watch for the announcement next week!), and I was calling around for print quotes.  It turns out that a publishing company can do they job for 30% less than a print shop close by. 

It's a challenge we face every day: do we continue to use the vendors we have relationships with, or do we take the time to comparison shop?

The NGA and WDDA have tried to compile some discounts for your business: on shipping, office supplies, insurance, and even consulting services, that can help your business save money....and maybe save a little time.  All Members qualify for discounts with Staples, UPS, FedEx, YRC, CoreHealth Insurance, and more.  Take a couple of minutes to comparison shop for your business and save!

NGA Discounts:
WDDA Discounts:

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