Wednesday, March 28, 2012

4 Ways to Lose a Lead

As we prepare to launch LogMyCalls we are reaching out to various outlets to discuss marketing and advertising opportunities. We are focused on reaching out to marketers and are looking for outlets that can easily get us in front of the correct audiences. Long story short: we are looking to spend money. We want someone to sell advertising to us.

In some cases thought, stunningly, that isn't happening. In one case we have made a decision about moving forward and are ready to buy but a sales person won't respond to my emails. Now, I'm second-guessing whether to advertise through this outlet at all. Here's how they lost a lead (us) in 4 steps.
  1. They were very slow to respond. I emailed the sales manager of a large marketing publication indicating my interest in buying advertising from them. I sent the email early one morning. I didn't receive a response until the following day. It almost seemed like they weren't interested in talking.
  2. Assumed I wasn't interested. When I finally spoke to the sales rep she made a false assumption. She had viewed our corporate website (which brands us a Sales Training company) and assumed I was mistaken when I reached out to her. I wasn't. She failed to look at which firmly positions us as a marketing analytics and technology company. Because she made an assumption, she could have lost the sale before she had a chance to make it.
  3. Shot me down. After we talked about their products and pricing I asked if there were volume discounts (i.e. if we bought a lot of advertising would that lower the price). I was told unequivocally that, no, there weren't volume discounts. There was no negotiation, no 'I'll check with my boss' or 'I'll see what I can do.' There was a flat 'no.' That annoyed me.
  4. Failure fo Follow-Up. I sent an email on Friday morning saying that we were interested in moving forward. It is now Monday afternoon and I still haven't received a reply.
Is she trying to lose the lead?

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