Monday, April 2, 2012

Chapman Windows & Doors is WDDA Member of the Month

Chapman Windows & Doors began in 1994 as a window and door replacement company. Our business quickly expanded to full-service remodeling, including additions, kitchen and bath, etc.

We found the full-service business unwieldy with costs hard to control. There wasn’t enough repetition to permit economies of scale to develop. Having to contract with plumbers, electricians and HVAC personnel were problems when customer homes were disrupted and they didn’t show! This made us re-evaluate and move back to windows and doors where we could exercise full control with fewer “surprises.”

We opened a showroom so we could give prospects a hands-on “Windows/Doors 101 course”. Our customers can make decisions based upon knowledge instead of advertising. We have several lines of windows and doors on display, along with a wide selection of hardware. We sell no “builder grade” products, but can go from value driven to high-end, luxury products. We offer custom painting or staining of all products we sell. Our customers can purchase a house-full of windows and we will do everything, including re-hanging the drapes.

We extend the use of our showroom to contractors that may want to either send their clients or accompany them. We measure and provide instructions for a DIY’er, if requested. And, we offer installation and repair services for all our products. We will repair products we haven’t sold, under certain conditions.

Our success is driven by a high-level of customer service before the sale and after. We do not pressure our prospects in any way. Instead, we depend on our knowledgeable sales people and reliable products to make the sale. Every job is followed-up with a survey and we offer rewards for referrals.

We are charter members of NARI in this area, but they are more full-service oriented and we were happy that WDDA has come on the scene to give us a voice in those matters specifically oriented toward the windows and door business. Those not in this industry are unaware of the constant changes in both products and legislation effecting us. We need an organization to monitor these changes and represent us.

Mark Chapman
Chapman Windows and Doors

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