Wednesday, April 25, 2012

26 Ways to Use Recorded Calls at Your Business

One of the many features that makes LogMyCalls such a powerful tool is call recording. LogMyCalls can record every customer call at your business. But, how could a business use recorded calls? Here are SOME answers: 
  1. Get Answers – Your numbers aren’t improving. Your rep sare working hard, they’re on the phone constantly, but nothing’s getting better. Do you know why?
  2. Increased Accountability – Tracking sheets and close rates are one thing, actually hearing how your staff sounds on the phone (and allowing them and maybe even their colleagues to hear it) is quite another. You can’t hide from or make excuses for a recorded conversation.
  3. Training – Play the calls back for the employee and use those calls to get better. What did your employee do well? How can they improve?
  4. Compliance – Ensure that your reps are not misstating company policy or procedure when they’re on the phone.
  5. Company Focus – Determine if your employees are effectively communicating what your company is all about. What is your 'big idea?' Do your employees understand that and convey that well? The only way to know for sure is to hear them try to communicate it to an actual customer.
  6. Support for Employees – If a customer has a major dispute with an employee or with the company; guess what? The conversation in question is recorded and easily accessible.
  7. Teaching Tool – Use the recorded calls in group settings, team meetings and conference calls to demonstrate what to do and what not to do.
  8. Feedback in Real-Time – Forget the customer survey. Hear your how your customers react to things your employees say in real-time. Listen to changes in tone and words to gauge how your customers are reacting to your products and services.
  9. Unfiltered Feedback – Hear feedback straight from the horse’s mouth. You have the recording when they called to complain. What were they really upset about?
  10. Trends – Using our state-of-the–art analytics tools you can data-mine into calls themselves. You can see which reps are closing more calls. You can see why they’re not closing calls. You can even see which elements of the calls are going well and which are not.
  11. Competitor Mentions – With LogMyCall's customizable, searchable call tagging features you can dig into the recorded calls and easily find out if your customer is comparing you to competitors and, if so, on what grounds. Are they saying that their pricing is better? Or find out how the customer is using your competitor’s name in the phone call
  12. Product Mentions – Ensure your staff is pitching the right products to the right people at the right time. Are they mentioning the special of the month or the week?
  13. Understanding Objections – Why aren’t people buying from you? Using LogMyCall's in-depth analytical tools you can isolate calls when the sale didn’t close, and then figure out why it didn’t close. Perhaps there is a pattern to the objections?
  14. Upsell – You can isolate calls where you were able upsell a client. Is there a pattern? Why are these calls more successful?
  15. Close More Calls - Isolate calls where there was a closed sale. Are those reps doing anything different? Why did those calls close and others didn’t? You can search the data and easily, in moments, find out.
  16. Operational Issues – Based on what the client and your sales rep says you can determine what operational or technical issues are recurring (and again, all this is searchable).
  17. Questions on a Call – Are your sales reps asking questions on the call? Are they trying to build a relationship? Or are they just talking?
  18. Marketing ROI – You can not only see which ad sources are effective (using LogMyCalls tracking numbers) but with the recordings you can hear from the customer why they are effective.
  19. When Did They Call – Using basic reports in LogMyCalls you can tell when someone called, see patterns in the time of day, day of week and time of month. When is marketing most effective for you?
  20. Where Did They Call From? – So someone say your ad, where did they see it? Determine if there are certain areas of your market where certain marketing tools are more effective.
  21. Advertising – You record your customer service calls. This makes you different! This means you can guarantee an employee has to say ‘have a great day’ or offer a specific discount in every call. If they don’t the customer gets a free _______. Advertise that! Advertise that you will hold your employees accountable because you record the calls.
  22. Saves Time – There is no need to go back through notes from a conference call or sales call again. Heck, there’s no need to take notes in conference calls or sales calls anymore, you have the call right on your computer. (And LogMyCalls appends the calls directly to a customer record in your CRM).
  23. Maintain a High Level of Customer Service - Randomly audit calls. Hold your employees accountable if they aren’t treating your customers well enough.
  24. Scoring – Based on industry best practices (or whatever you want to measure) you can score a call for it's effectiveness. We can score the calls for you or you can score them yourself within LogMyCalls. You can score individual elements and sections of a phone call.
  25. Call Analytics - Drill down into any data you want. Find out which reps are scoring better than others. Compare reps against each other. Compare locations or departments or against each other. See who's struggling and who's doing well.
  26. Hear What Your Customers Hear - What do your reps sound like to them. They're the reason you're in business right? Shouldn't you know what they are hearing?

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