Monday, April 23, 2012

NGA Member Service Announcement - TransWorld Receivables Recovery

It's the start of another month, time to review your aging report and your past-due receivables and do something to collect them before they become old debts with a lower likelihood of recovery. After all, consumers move, businesses get sold or go under, customers memories of what goods and services they purchased and their satisfaction decline over time. The same customers who expressed satisfaction with your products and services at time of sale will often tell you months later (when their bill isn't paid) that they were dissatisfied.

It's a strange human phenomenon.

So, why wait? Receivables depreciate at 15% per month in recoverability. What kind of recovery rate do you want? Are your customers spending the money that is rightfully due you by paying other creditors bills first because your bill is a lower priority to them? Let Transworld help you prioritize your bill to the top of their pile so you get paid next. Don't chase them for weeks or months more, it costs you too much in time and opportunity cost.

Transworld Systems has been in the business of recovering hard earned overdue money for over 40 years. You are in total control, you choose the approach between Pre-Collections, Soft Collections and Hard Collections. All the money is paid directly to you and we collect in a diplomatic manner so you can maintain a good relationship with your customers.

We also provide comprehensive reporting so you can see exactly what is being done on your accounts.

Transworld charges only a flat fee that averages about $10 per account regardless of the balance owed. Be sure to ask about NGA member preferred pricing.

Please visit for more information.

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