Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What’s the Deal With This FREE NGA LogMyCalls Account?

Perhaps, you are aware by now that all NGA members are receiving a FREE account and free phone number*. You get this free account simply because you are an NGA member. LogMyCalls allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing, determine which marketing methods generate phone calls, and then actually listen to the calls that come into your business. You can hear how you sound on the phone, hear how your employees handle calls and hear real-time customer feedback.
What Do You Get? 
  • A FREE toll free phone number or local number with 150 recording minutes
  • Vital marketing data that shows you which campaigns are generating phone calls and which are wasting your time and money.
  • Free call recording to gauge customer feedback in real-time and improve your ability to sell and book appointments over the phone.
  • Advanced Call Routing – This feature allows you to take business calls at home, or on a cell phone, during the evening and on weekends. Additionally, if you have multiple locations you can automatically route callers to the location nearest them. (Cool, huh.)

The most important things you should know:
  1. Your new phone number sends calls directly to your business phone number. You specify during sign up where you want new number to ring to.
  2. You have to market your number to utilize LogMyCalls. You won’t see any value from LogMyCalls and this free NGA program if you don’t market the phone number. There won’t be any calls within to measure, to record or to route. You could put the phone number on your website, on your fliers, on your Facebook page, on the radio, in the yellow pages or, especially, on your Google Places account. You have to get the number out there where people will call it.
  3. This is normally a $29 a month package that you are getting for free for 12 months. This is a gigantic value-add for your NGA members. We hope you will take advantage of it.

Frequently Asked Questions
As we’ve rolled out this FREE NGA LogMyCalls account to our members we’ve had a lot of questions about the account, how it works and what it means for members. Here are some of our questions and the answers.
Is it really free? Yes it is really free for 12 months. The features listed above are totally free for NGA members for 12 months.
Where do I go to Sign Up? Visit or call 866-811-8880 if you have any questions.

What Do I Need To Do? You need to market your free phone number. If no one calls your new number, it won’t do you any good. You need to market your number before you can measure you marketing and hear your recorded calls.

How can I upgrade? If you want more features like call scoring, marketing planning and ROI goals, or if you need more numbers or more minutes to truly track various marketing methods and record more calls just call LogMyCalls at 866-811-8880 or visit

*The account is totally FREE for 1 year, but you will be asked for a credit card number during sign up. This is in case you go over the 150 minutes allotted, you will be charged up to 6 cents a minute. You may cancel at any time. Only NGA members who are Main Locations qualify for this offer.

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