Monday, May 24, 2010

Certification and Your Business - Are you putting your best foot forward?

Running a business is complicated.  Every day, you worry about how to keep costs down and still run an effective business.  On any given day, you are worrying about placing supply orders and managing your employee’s time off. And every day, you are worrying about how to attract and keep new customers.

There are many ways to draw customers in – advertisements, social networking, and word of mouth, but in the age of information overload, is that enough? Today’s consumers have easier access to more information than ever before. Consumers are using internet searches and anonymous message boards to assist them in making decisions, from which business should repair a windshield, to who to hire to install a new door.  We’ve talked before about how to manage your online reputation, and while that helps, that doesn’t make your business the best. Are you putting your best foot forward?

The NGA and WDDA offer training programs and certifications that show consumers you are the best in the business.  In today's increasingly complex and highly-specialized economy, credentials are everything. Sure, you know your business has the skills to do the job right, but how do you convince potential customers? The training on and, and the related certifications (NGA Certification, InstallationMasters certification), communicate to your customers that your business is educated to the highest industry standards.

If your business doesn’t install or replace Auto Glass, Flat Glass, or Windows & Doors, make sure you are familiar with certifications that relate to your business.  Make sure your employees are well trained and make sure your customers know it.  Attract and keep new customers by putting your best foot forward.

Alyssa Kirkman
Sr. Manager

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