Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Consulting Collaborative and Strategic Planning

Does your company need help with your strategic plan? Could you use assistance increasing sales o profits or managing your operations? Consulting Collaborative can help! Richard Voreis, a contributor to this blog and a partner of the NGA, has been in the industry for years. He has uniquely positioned Consulting Collaborative to assist glass and glazing subcontractors as well as window and door companies around the country. Here’s what industry insiders have to say about Richard and his company:
  • Rod Van Buskirk, Bacon & Van Buskirk Glass Co., Inc.: As a result of Richard Voreis conducting a strategic assessment of our company, Bacon & Van Buskirk saw marked improvement in our annual strategic planning, personnel development and relationships as well as a tighter financial focus. We recommend Richard Voreis and Consulting Collaborative.
  • John Heinaman, Heinaman Contract Glazing: As a result of the interview process with our management and staff employees as well as the analysis of this input, we were able make better business decisions regarding the overall functionality of our contract glazing business. I would recommend the use of Richard Voreis as a business coach, who can provide an outside, objective look at your business operation and provide objective recommendations for operational improvements.
  • Kevin McMahon, K-Man Glass Corp.: In the midst of a tremendous growth period I found myself too heavily involved in my company’s day-to-day operations. That was when I decided there must be a better way. In an effort to maintain some sort of order, we hired Richard Voreis to provide a strategic assessment of our operation with the goal of defining solutions that would enable a more controlled growth. The strategic assessment conducted by Richard Voreis pin pointed this and the solution was to define each position's responsibility to build accountability. There has been a learning curve, but as more and more responsibilities have been turned over it has afforded me more time to chart our course.
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