Monday, May 16, 2011

Create Employee Action Plans

Annual company goals should be supported by employee Action Plans that hold  everyone in the company accountable for success.  If you want to establish plans that are effective, result-oriented  and motivational, you need to include basic criteria:
  • Specific goals
  • Descriptions of how you will measure progress
  • Due dates and/or time frames
When each staff member has their own specific and personalized plan, everyone works toward common goals. As you start setting up action plans, ask yourself the following:
  • Are all your employees working toward goals?
  • Are all your employees working on the right things?
  • Are all your employees on the same page?
Action Plans tell “how” each employee (management and staff) will impact the success of the company’s annual goals.  In other words, what each employee is going to do to make the company successful.  Everyone from the top to the bottom of the organization has a role in supporting the company annual goals

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