Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Call Recording and Sales Success

Most people are afraid of being held accountable for their actual performance.

People are terrified of being held accountable for their actions. They are terrified of their performance being dissected and critiqued. They are terrified of the truth.

Perhaps, this is why some people bristle at the idea of having their sales call recorded. Perhaps, this is why some industries struggle with the concept of recording sales conversations.

Perhaps they don't want to be held accountable for their actions. Perhaps they don't want their bosses or their colleagues to hear them in action.

Call recording is a naked sales call. The rep can't hide what's really happening. There's no way to 'dress up' a call recording. There's no way to hide the truth. If your sales call has a big gut and love handles, call recording will reveal that. You can't hide anything when the call is being recorded.

That's perhaps, why some reps don't want their calls recorded. The thought of their manager hearing their occasional failures is simply too much to bear. It's too hard to deal with.

Here's the truth: people who think like that are wussies (and they probably shouldn't be selling anyway).

If someone is adament that they don't want their sales conversations recorded, you have to ask a simple question: what are they hiding? Are they hiding their utter lack of skill on the phone? Are they hiding their inability to close the deal or ask open-ended questions? What is their problem? What are they hiding?

Call recording has massive benefits for any business that employs it. We've written about '26 Ways to Use Call Recording at Your Business.' We've also spoken about the benefits of cheap call recording. Watch those videos here.

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