Monday, January 30, 2012

WDDA Priorities for 2012

When we established the Window & Door Dealers Alliance two years ago, we could not have predicted the impact we would have in such a short time. The continued support of our members has made our success possible. In 2011, we were able to: turn back the EPA’s lead clearance testing rule, secure favorable language in the HomeScore Energy program, and successfully hold the 2nd Annual Window & Door Dealers Forum.

In 2012, we are committed to fostering a positive image for our industry by providing our members with the best service possible. Ken Mariotti, a member of our Advisory Committee, outlined the WDDA 2012 Priorities in the January/February 2012 issue of Window & Door. This is what we are committed to in 2012:
  • Launching the first-ever national benchmark service. This new financial information network and benchmarking service will help WDDA members analyze industry trends.
  • Involving more window and door dealers in our efforts to steer the debate and advance legislative and regulatory policy. With more member engagement, we can achieve even more.
  • Reaching out to the industry and raising our visibility at the local level by participating in dealer appreciation days, home expos, open houses, and sales meetings.
  • Expanding our services to give members an even greater return on investment, including a series of webinars. We will also host our 3rd Annual Window & Door Dealers Forum September 2012 in Las Vegas.
  • Increasing WDDA brand awareness through advertising, improved marketing, and earned media.
  • Unveiling a national volunteerism program to raise the bar for our industry and extend our focus on best practices.
With the leadership of our committees and our members, we can achieve even more in 2012. We need your active engagement, your ideas, and your feedback to ensure that we are focusing on the priorities that mean the most to you. Visit our web site to learn more about your WDDA membership: or contact us at if you have feedback that will help us serve you.

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