Monday, January 9, 2012

Wooster Glass is the NGA Member of the Month

Wooster Glass of Wooster, Ohio is the NGA's first Member of the Month!  Wooster Glass has been providing quality service since 1947 and has been a member of the National Glass Association since September 1, 1961.  As a 50 year NGA member, they pride themselves in their dedication to quality workmanship and customer service. 
To celebrate their anniversary, we'd like to share the story of Wooster Glass and founder Ralph Jones.
Ralph Jones came to Wooster in 1947 equipped with little more than a glasscutter, a pair of overalls and a desire to succeed. Raised in the “Old Brooklyn” area of Cleveland, Ralph learned the value of hard work during the depression by delivering 200 daily newspapers each morning before going to school. Following his graduation from James Rhodes High School in 1935, he started work as a glazier following the advice of his uncle who was in the trade.
Ralph served in the United States Army, 6th Infantry Division during WWII and was involved in the Pacific Theater on the Islands of New Guinea and the Philippines. After his tour of duty was completed in 1945, he married Grace Blosser of Jefferson City, Missouri and returned to Cleveland to resume his trade as a glazier.
In 1947, Ralph and Grace identified Wooster as an ideal community to start a glass company. At first Ralph stayed in the American Hotel on East Liberty Street for $3.00 per week while Grace continued to reside and work in Cleveland. After two years, Ralph was able to have Grace join him and they worked together to build Wooster Glass Company.
Behind his desk hung a picture of the first Wooster Glass building and a young Ralph Jones loading glass on his first truck. “Whenever I would think I was getting too big for my britches, or whenever I got discouraged, I would turn my chair around and look at that picture. It gives me a lot of pride when I see what Grace and I have accomplished since we moved to Wooster in 1947.”
Today the company has grown to 30 employees with offices in Wooster and Medina. In 2002, Wooster Glass Company was recognized by the Wooster Area Chamber of Commerce as Business of the Year.
Join us in congratulating Wooster Glass on their anniversary!

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I remember speaking with you at the NGDA & NGA conventions forty years ago when I was on the board of directors.
Congradulations on your achievments.
Not many old timmers like us left.
Lafayette Glass Co., Lafayette, Indiana joined in 1968.

Dennis Clark