Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Improve Your Profits with Company Goals

Check out this Zig Ziglar video on goal setting.
You'll be amazed how sales and profits dramatically improve when you have annual company goals that hold all employees accountable for success.  It’s a proven fact that companies with annual goals outperform those companies without annual goals. I make sure it happens as part of my consulting engagements.  You’ll believe it as well when you establish goals for your company because the improved results will speak for themselves.

Annual company goals must be:
  1. Specific – Means specific and concise goals because generalities don’t get the message across to your employees.  Make sure you goals are easily understood because nothing is so simple that it cannot be misunderstood.
  2. Measurable – Means goals are quantified and can be evaluated to determine if progress is being made.  What gets measured gets accomplished.
  3. Focused – Establishing too many annual goals detracts from accomplishing your goals.  Experience has shown three or four annual goals are the ideal number and any more than five goals most likely cannot be accomplished or will mean that all the goals reach less than the desired results.
Additionally, I always recommend that annual goals do not exceed one type-written page - create a one-page Strategic Plan that holds everyone in the company accountable for success.

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