Monday, February 14, 2011

Proactively Manage Customer Comments About Your Company

One of the challenges that social media presents us is staying a head of customer reviews of our company’s performance.  One bad review that works its way up in the search rankings can do a lot of damage before we have a chance to respond.  What can you do?

I stumbled across GuildQuality the other day while looking for customer survey tools. What I discovered was also a solution for the problem of negative customer comments.  What GuildQuality offers is a robust real-time customer survey program designed for the building industry.  And one of its features is the ability for your prospective customers to read genuine comments from other customers and see your overall performance scores.  It’s a wonderful database of positive comments that can far outweigh a few disgruntled customer comments.

Check it out.  It is a great social media tool to help you manage the online conversation about your company.

Sharon Aby
Beyond Ideas

Sharon Aby is a member of the WDDA Marketing Council and Beyond Ideas is a WDDA member.  Sharon held leadership positions with some of America’s most innovative companies: Apple Computer and Microsoft. She worked in Silicon Valley, providing her with a fundamental understanding of how the Internet underscores everything we do in business today.  She’s held positions across multiple functions including sales, marketing, customer support, business development, and human resources.  She received her Masters Degree from The University of Chicago.  Sharon is the founder of Beyond Ideas.  With a keep it simple approach, Sharon gives businesses a fresh look at how create a virtuous cycle of customers, new markets and innovative services.

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