Monday, February 7, 2011

Make Your Business a Champion

Over 100 million people watched the Packers beat the Steelers last night.  Everyone who watched has their own opinion over why the Packers won (I for one don't really care - I'm more of a commercial fan than a football fan. That Darth Vader commercial? Amazing.)  One blog I read this morning had an interesting take: The Steelers didn't lose it; Rodgers and the Packers won it.

I like this point of view - and how it relates to the glass and window and door industries.  As a business, what do you do to make your business win? Here are a couple of examples of how industry businesses take advantage of NGA and WDDA programs to make themselves winners:
  • Trainor Glass Company: offers training to all employees - and rewards them for completing the training.

  • GlassPro: Technicians must be trained and certified in order to recieve promotions.
  • Connecticut Glass Dealers Association: Apprentices must complete training to become licensed.
The NGA and WDDA offer several educational and certification options. 
Find the one that is right for you. Act like the Packers and make your business a champion.

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