Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What are your Social Media Do's and Don'ts?

At the NGA and WDDA, we try to have an active social media presence. We tweet and post articles on Facebook a couple of times each work day and we post on this blog almost every Monday and Wednesday. Just today I was reading a new White Paper from PR Newswire "Mastering Public Relations in Social Media" and trying to figure out ways we can improve our social media presence (you can sign-up for a free copy of the paper here).
We are always looking at ways to interact with our members on social media, and the list of dos and don'ts in this white paper mention a couple of things that we need to work on.  Here's the list:
  • Do... establish a set of social media principles
  • Don’t... forget to review/rethink them on a regular basis
  • Do... collaborate across departments
  • Don’t... put up too many internal roadblocks
  • Do... replenish the content flow early and often
  • Don’t... limit or frustrate transparency
  • Do... set goals and measure yourself against them
  • Don’t... be a jerk
How does your social media strategy stack up?
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Alyssa Kirkman

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