Monday, August 8, 2011

Arrive at Action Plans Jointly

Arrive at the Action Plans for employees jointly.  In other words, don’t force your Action Plans on the employees, but instead, encourage each of your employees to develop their own Action Plans in support of the company’s Top Priorities.
This basic commitment acts as a self-motivator and immediately establishes buy-in on the part of the employee.  If it’s their idea, then the power of human nature will take over and the Action Plan will be accomplished.  This “fact of life” is extremely important!
As a manager you can and in some instances you should influence and “fine-tune” Action Plans, but ultimately it is best if it is their idea rather than yours.
Also, you should always discuss each employee’s Action Plans with them personally in a face-to-face private meeting.  Because mutual commitment is important, too!
Richard Voreis Consulting Collaborative

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