Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Money Saving Trick: Health Insurance

The WDDA and NGA have partnered with Core Health Insurance to provide members with limited medical indemnity plans which are designed and priced to help people gain access or save money on healthcare. Core Health Insurance provides coverage for your everyday healthcare needs. Plan options can include:
  • Doctor Office Visits (adult and child)
  • Wellness Visits (adult and child)
  • Hospital and ICU benefits
  • Emergency Benefits
  • Surgery and anesthesia benefits
  • Accident medical expenses and more
  • Single or Family coverage
  • Freedom to choose any provider (Doctor, Hospital)
Looking to save money, gain access to medical insurance, or supplement your current major medical plan? Plans start as low as $94 per month.
  1. These plans are "Guaranteed Acceptance**" and do not require medical questions or exams to qualify.
  2. Save money by supplementing current Major Medical Plan - If you have a major medical plan you can save money by increasing your current plan's deductible (out of pocket). Then take advantage of the Core Health Insurance Plans value for your basic medical needs. For example, the "Value Plan" covers office, wellness visits, x-ray/lab and accident benefits.
  3. Often time's access to major medical coverage is restricted because of its higher cost. In such situations, Core Health Insurance is a valuable option.

** Based on eligibility (age and state availability)

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