Monday, August 15, 2011

Surviving this year? Our Educational Forums can Help.

The past few years have seen financial crisis followed by a tepid recovery. Sweeping regulation has affected banking, healthcare, construction and other industries. The stock market has experienced wild fluctuations. Technology continues to change. The value of our currency takes a significant swing on an almost daily basis. Taxes are creeping up. Unemployment remains stubbornly high. Markets which were once robust are now stagnant. And new opportuni­ties are rising from the ashes.
Where is the economy heading? What are these opportunities? Where will new markets emerge? And how do smart business owners and managers adapt and thrive in the face of these political and economic challenges? Wouldn’t it be great if you could gain insight into the construction, glass, and window & door industries? The 6th Annual Glazing Executives Forum and the 2nd Annual Window & Door Dealers Forum, September 12-13, 2011 in Atlanta, will have some answers.
  • Join Gene Marks at the WDD Forum as he explains the meaning behind today’s numbers, the trends in Washington, the new technologies coming on the market, and where he expects tomorrow’s opportunities for the business community to be.
  • Economist Jeff Dietrich of EcoTrends will deliver his annual economic forecast at GEF. Dietrich speaks directly and flavors his presentation with humor and keen insights. His forecast is an annual highlight , and it’s a presentation you need to hear. 
If you attend either forum, you get access to the GlassBuild America tradeshow floor - so you can continue to meet, network with, and learn from the industry.  View complete details and register today.
See you in Atlanta!

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